Friday, June 12, 2015

Assignment that I am the Most Proud of

Towards the end of the year, we did a video/picture project that was supposed to teach others about who we were and what is a big part of out life. Out of all the projects, assignments, and in-class tasks, this assignment is definitely what I am most proud of. The reason for this is because I learned a lot while completing it. I learned a lot about myself and who I was, I learned a lot about others and who they were, and I learned a lot about how to create an intriguing and thought provoking video. I was able to really figure out what makes me me through this project, as well as what makes me truly happy and what I want others to see me as. This project really allowed me to think and look into myself, which is really nothing I had ever done before, especially in school. This project also impacted my learning in a few ways as well. It impacted me by teaching me who I was, but it also impacted me on how to create a strong video project. I also realized the answers to a few questions I had never thought about before such as: "Who am I?", "Do I want to be perceived as this person?," and "Is this how others see me?." Overall, I'm extremely proud of this project and all that it was taught me.

Most Memorable Experiences

Throughout the whole photo one semester, I was able to do a lot and learn a lot. I was able to try a variety of different things, as well as do a lot of new things that I had never done before. Out of all the experiences I was able to have and projects I was assigned to, two experiences stood out to me for being the most memorable. First, the "Pinhole Camera" project and secondly, the "Who am I?" project. These projects both impacted my learning, as well as taught me new things.

To begin with, the Pinhole Camera unit is something I surely won't forget. This project impacted my learning in a lot of ways. I learned how to use and operate in a dark room, as well as learn how
people used to capture images back in the day. I learned that patience was key when creating an image with a pinhole camera and how you cant move, unless you want to image to turn out blurry. I learned how important exposure time is and how the amount of time you should expose you image to light varies completely on the brightness outside. I was able to understand how to develop images through the process of fixer, stopper, and finisher and how important it was to not expose a newly created image to the light right away. This project impacted my learning by teaching me an abundance of new things.

The second experience that stood out to me as being memorable would be the "Who am I?" video project. This project affected my learning about myself as well as how photos and images can really show who you are. In the beginning of this project we had to decide who we are, which is a relatively big question to ask to someone at the age that we are. I really had to think about this and look into myself to find the answer. This process also raised a lot of questions like: "Do I want to be perceived as this?" or "Is this how others see me?" It was really cool to be able to figure out who I was and teach others the importance of what I do and what makes me me. Another aspect of this project that taught me a lot was learning how pictures can really show who you are. I somewhat knew this before, but I also knew that photos could be purposely posed, purposely taken, or the person in them could have a completely different emotion then what they are showing in the image. So finding a lot of photos of me being happy while traveling or candids of me traveling really exposed to me who I was and just how photos can really show who you are even if you don't know for yourself.

Overall, Im very happy with how this semester turned out and I'm grateful for all that I was able to learn.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Photos with Quotes

Through the process of creating our photos with quotes, I learned two important things. First, I learned how to make the set up of a photo with a quote pleasing to the eye. I learned how important it is to choose a font and font color that goes with the theme of photo, as well as the placement of the quote. It was interesting to learn just how much changing the font color, font, and placement could affect the final image. The second thing I learned was how important it is to match a quote to an image. Prior to this project, I thought that you could use any quote with any photo and it would look good. Now I realize how important it is to make sure the quote matches the image. Overall, I learned about the important of quotes and images and the power of placement and pleasant to the eye.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Pinhole Refelction

"The definition of a pinhole camera is a simple camera without a lens and with a single small aperture, a pinhole – effectively a light-proof box with a small hole in one side. Light from a scene passes through this single point and projects an inverted image on the opposite side of the box." 

Through the process of creating pinhole images, I learned a lot about both the process and techniques of using a pinhole camera. To start off, I learned about the process of developing a pinhole image. First, one must go into a dark room. The only light allowed is yellow and red light, which makes it hard to see in the room. Next, you place your photograph in the developer, you let it sit for a bit and then move it to the stopper, which stops the process of developing the image. Lastly, you place your image in the fixer, which fixes the image. Another thing I learned was how important exposure to light is when creating a pinhole image. Exposure time is everything, if you do too little the image ends up being completing white, while on the other hand, if you expose the image for too long the image will be completely black. Going through the process of exposure time and lightening taught me a lot about patience and timing. Finally, I learned how time consuming taking pinhole images really is. The process of taking a photo and developing it took around 10 minutes, and that was only to see your image. It was a big difference from waiting 10 mins compared to taking an image on my phone and instantly getting a result. Overall, I learned a lot going through the process of creating pinhole images and the process of creating an image is something I hope to keep forever. 

The pinhole camera project was by far one of my favorite projects that we did this semester. Not only did I have a blast modeling, taking, and processing these images, I also made a new friend along the way. The experience was filled with giggles, new ideas, and a lot of successes, which made this project one to remember. I was able to push myself and try new things with the help of my partner and I feel as though I only really pushed myself because of this project. This project taught me a lot about patience, fun, and photography and it was one of the only projects I didn't feel stressed about when completing it. Prior to this experience, I had always wanted to use a dark room and this project allowed me to do so and learn a lot along the way. In the future, I hope to use a pinhole camera again and try new techniques when using it. Overall, I am happy I was able to learn to use a pinhole camera and go through the experience. It was one to remember. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Who am I?

Hi Im Amelia Damboise. I'm from Yarmouth, Maine and come from a very large and flamboyant family. My family likes to do things big. Whether it be birthdays, holidays, or vacations, my family always likes to make a big deal about these things and make them the best they can possibly be. Im extremely thankful for this because I realize most people don't get this when they're growing up. My parents shaped me a lot in who I am today. My dad shaped me to be athletic and adventurous, while my mom shaped me to be funny and outgoing. My mom really helped me be able to feel comfortable in my own skin and have no problems meeting new people. I'm interested in a lot of things; travel, animals, friends, desserts, shopping, photography, and being photographed. I love the beach and spend practically all my summers there. I'm also very in tune and interested in the ocean. I love to snorkel,  kayak, paddle-board, sail, swim, and surf. My family is very important to be, as well as my friends. Meeting new people and creating new relationships is something I love to do and is something that is significant to me. My goals in life are very stereotypical I feel and are the goals I feel that my parents have achieved. I want to find love and have a family, as well as travel and make my children as happy as they can be. I want to find a job that makes me happy and do well for myself. Lastly, I want to have many friends and live a life of health and prosperity. 

Self Portrait/Portraits

The room smells fresh and clean, the aromas of multiple perfumes all coming together to create one beautiful scent. I look around makeup, bobbi-pins, purses, and shows scattered around the small bedroom floor. Giggles and laughter occupy the room as we tell each other our plans for the night. We are happy and excited for the night to come.